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Footprints Journal: Finding Pura Vida Premiered in Jaco, Costa Rica and was a selection at the Charleston International Film Festival.

Many thanks to everyone who came out to support the Pura Vida Media project at the Charleston International Film Festival. We had to convince the festival organizers to sell 20 standing room only tickets and we still turned away 20-30 people. It was bedlam! And the film was very well received artistically which was very important to us.

Also thanks to the 150 or so folks who helped us raise over $3,000 at the after party fundraiser. We shipped several thousand dollars of media to Steve Sanchez in Arizona for a film premiere and media fundraiser there and there will also be one in Costa Rica in September. All proceeds benefitting the orphanage.

Here are some pics below from the event. Thanks to Chuck Heilig for his fantastic camera and post-production work, Fuzzco, Colleen Terrell and all the sponsors for making this a great project. And of course Tim McManus without whom this would have definitely never happened.

Baird Hoffmire, winner of the super sweet Dewey Weber longboard donated by McKevlins Surf Shop.

Scene from the very packed after-after party at the Trusted Palate. Cary Ann Hearst and Micheal Trent are as good as old soulful country blues rock gets. For sure. Thanks to Beth and Ian at the Trusted Palate.