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We're very honored to help our friend, Geshe Dakpa Topgyal "Gesha-La" and the Charleston Tibetan Societyin their mission to build the Radiant Mind Retreat Center in St. George, SC. They just finished the first structure on the 28+ acres of land; a traditional Tibetan gate that will welcome future visitors to the retreat. Mitchell & I were there filming in July 2008 for the ceremony & celebration of the gate and I will be interviewing Gesha-La and others involved with the retreat center to create a promotional / fundraising video that will inspire interest, participation, & funding for the retreats completion.

The RMRC will fulfill many diverse needs including:

Offering a sanctuary for those who need time away from their busy and often stressful lives, to contemplate their own internal world while learning how to be compassionate and ethical individuals in a family as well as in society.

Hosting nationwide conferences and teachings on various ways and means to support spiritual growth and development.

Sheltering for Tibetan refugees where they can become accustomed to western culture and environment

Offering a lay teacher training program for English speaking students in response to the Dalai Lama’s request that westerners’ be trained as teachers of Buddhism

Hosting Tibetan cultural festivals, arts, language and traditional healing methods

Providing a compassionate environment for those who would like to spend their last days peacefully

Providing counseling services to individuals who are in need of emotional, spiritual, and mental health support. 

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