We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time: How much is enough?

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Farrah Hoffmire is a multi-media artist and founder of Organic Process Productions (OPP). Working with her husband and co-founder Mitchell Davis, OPP has been a continuing 7 year experiment in media exploration, communication and artistic expression. No matter what Farrah is making - whether it be art, movies or cheese, she has always been self-taught and rebellious in her approach. Today she is creating multi-media art with a focus on animal species extinction, over-harvesting and human over-population.

I have always created unconventional and unintentionally disturbing art but it has mostly been unconscious self-expression without intended meaning. I think as I am getting older that is changing. I'm becoming more comfortable creating art that may bother the viewer in a less abstract way and that has a "message" in a more conventional sense. I feel my art is a healthy and engaging outlet for my dark, critical, stubborn, intolerant, and cynical nature. I have a natural dark humor to my artistic expression and am currently concerned about human over-population and consumption and it's consequences. You will see this exploration in my current body of work. 

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