We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time: How much is enough?

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Jack McCray Tribute

It has been a pleasure working with Jazz Artists of Charleston (JAC) on the Jack McCray Tribute video. As Jack knew well, there is a deep and important story behind the musical legacy of Charleston and we are proud to help him -- and the organizations that continue his mission -- tell that story.


Skip and his Camellias

Robert "Skip" Madsen from OPP on Vimeo.

An introduction to Robert "Skip" Madsen, a 93 year old agrarian who is most passionate about Camellias and has been growing plants and herbs on the same land since he was a boy. This is the first video of a series about Skip and his life on Johns Island, SC. Skip's story is also one of a larger project that Organic Process is working on about nonagenarians (a person whose age is in the nineties) living in the lowcountry of South Carolina.


Day of Caring at International Primate Protection League

Day of Caring at IPPL 2012 from OPP on Vimeo.

We are excited here at OPP to be working with International Primate Protection League (IPPL) to help tell their story. This video captures Day of Caring 2012 at IPPL, where over a dozen volunteers devoted a day to helping improve the gibbon sanctuary.

IPPL is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the world’s remaining primates, great and small. Since 1973, they have worked to expose primate abuse and battled international traffickers. They also operate a sanctuary for gibbons (the smallest of the apes) in Summerville, South Carolina and support primate rescue efforts worldwide, especially in countries where primates are native.


An American soldier's pet

Tong's Story from OPP on Vimeo.

Adopt A Gibbon at the International Primate Protection League (IPPL) gibbon sanctuary in Summerville, SC. Visit to learn more about the gibbons, and IPPL and their partners who work daily protecting wildlife world-wide.

Stayed tuned for more videos on the gibbons and how you can help this important and neccessary organization and their misson to protect primates around the world. 


Canary in a Coal Mine

Art Show by Farrah exploring human exploitation of wildlife and nature.

Opening Reception was held Friday July 27, 2012 6-9pm

Live Acoustic Music by 54 Tricycles

Christophe Artisan Chocolatier - Patissier 

 90 Society Street / Downtown Charleston 


Cultural Farms Trips

Cultural Farm Trips Video One: The King of Cheese. This video was made on a trip to Asturias, Spain. One idea OPP is playing with is leading cultural farm tours around the lowcountry of SC and abroad. Thanks to Lynn and Pepe for making us feel at home on their farm-stay in Asturias, Spain!


Green Heart Sustainability Contest Video

Organic Process Media Farm made this video about Green Heart of Charleston for a County School Sustainability Contest. The Green Heart Project pairs volunteers from the Charleston Area with urban youth in an effort to teach the knowledge needed to build a sustainable future while instilling the virtues of hard work and success through building an urban garden together.


Green Heart grows food with students on school grounds

Organic Process is happy to be working with the Green Heart project and documenting their efforts as they work hard to grow food on school grounds and teach students math, science, agriculture, environmental sustainability, and community stewardship, through hard work and working together.

The Green Heart Project pairs volunteers from the Charleston Area with students in an effort to teach the knowledge needed to build a sustainable future while instilling the virtues of hard work and success through building an urban garden together. 

Green Heart's first school garden is located at Julian Mitchell Elementary School in downtown Charleston. The project provides the students, teachers and community with a rich, urban agricultural experience, resource and teaching tool and not to mention tons of fresh produce!





A documentary series following the Growing New Farmers program in Charleston, SC. This was an exciting collaboration and we appreciated being able to witness this wonderful project first-hand! 


Mitchell Davis guest speaker at Pecha Kucha 2011

Mitchell Davis ("the better-half" of OPP) speaks at Pecha Kucha about his work. We are so fortunate to have a man like Mitchell in our lives. He is so talented at balancing nature and technology and heart and money. Thanks for keeping it real, Mitchell! We love you!



This is Webisode One: The Mountain Region / Watch ALL the webisodes in an earlier post here

We are proud of Ian Sanchez and the environmental education project we all worked on with SCETV, Web of Water was selected as a PBS Education Innovation Award winner! The national award recognizes innovative projects that demonstrate new ways of teaching and learning. We uploaded weekly videos "webisodes" from the river of Ian kayaking, meeting people and students along the way, and educating middle school kids in their classrooms - then we created a documentary for SCETV. 

Watch the entire Web of Water documentary on the SCETV website


Oyster Man Mike

Oyster Man Mike (which was also a selection in the 2009 Charleston International Film Festival) was selected for the Southern Views series at the 2010 Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles and for New Belgium's Film Festival Clips of Faith Tour 2011. All Oyster Man Mike wanted from this was "a walk down the red carpet, a couple of cold ones, and a chance to shoot the shit with some good folk." Now he can add another honor to the list. We recently saw Mike at an oyster roast on John's Island and we are happy to report he is doing great!


Ben Timpson's Inside Nothing 

(Rough Cut) Inside Nothing from OPP on Vimeo.

Ben's Biography:

When classically trained painter Ben Timpson turned his artist's eye from large canvases to tiny bits of the natural world, his work entered a mysterious realm of fanciful, dark beauty. Flowers, insects, blood and bone – the eccentric materials Timpson collects find their way into miniature compositions he assembles into slides in painstaking marathons at his light table. These haunting and whimsical photographs, published for the first time in "End of the Roll: Goodnight 35mm," capture a style that trades traditional notions of painting and collage for an evocative visual alchemy. The result is a gallery of alarmingly original images, and the publishing debut of a remarkable young artist.

And here's what Mitchell has to say about Ben Timpson:

"I discovered Ben Timpson's art when I was at BookSurge. I was walking through the production facility one day looking at some of the books we were printing and his book "End of the Roll" literally stopped me in my tracks. He later came and signed books at the BookSurge booth at an American Library Association conference in Chicago. We had dinner and developed a friendship. He is one of the truest and most unique artists I have ever encountered and OPP is proud to be bringing his work to a larger audience." -Mitchell Davis

Ben has recently released his second book titled "Inside Nothing: Is Everything" that at 174 pages shows his more recent works and will include a DVD. 

Visit Ben's website at


SC Burned Children's Fund 

SC Burned Children's Fund & Camp Can Do from OPP on Vimeo.

We enjoyed working with SC Burned Children's Fund and Camp Can Do. Thanks also to Dan Conover who worked the camera on the opening interviews with the teenagers. Thanks most of all to the children who were so very sweet & open.


Footprints Journal: Finding Pura Vida

Watch the documentary in it's entirety, right here!

Go here to Purchase the DVD and Book - A portion of every purchase goes to the kids at Casa De Suenos!





Footprints Journal: Finding Pura Vida Premiered in Jaco, Costa Rica and was a selection at the Charleston International Film Festival.

Many thanks to everyone who came out to support the Pura Vida Media project at the Charleston International Film Festival. We had to convince the festival organizers to sell 20 standing room only tickets and we still turned away 20-30 people. It was bedlam! And the film was very well received artistically which was very important to us.

Also thanks to the 150 or so folks who helped us raise over $3,000 at the after party fundraiser. We shipped several thousand dollars of media to Steve Sanchez in Arizona for a film premiere and media fundraiser there and there will also be one in Costa Rica in September. All proceeds benefitting the orphanage.

Here are some pics below from the event. Thanks to Chuck Heilig for his fantastic camera and post-production work, Fuzzco, Colleen Terrell and all the sponsors for making this a great project. And of course Tim McManus without whom this would have definitely never happened.

Baird Hoffmire, winner of the super sweet Dewey Weber longboard donated by McKevlins Surf Shop.

Scene from the very packed after-after party at the Trusted Palate. Cary Ann Hearst and Micheal Trent are as good as old soulful country blues rock gets. For sure. Thanks to Beth and Ian at the Trusted Palate.




Ian arrived in Charleston harbor on Sunday to meet the kids from Charleston Kids with Cameras. CKWC and the LEEP photographers put together a photo journal for the Web of Water project.

Below are some pics from Tim McManus at Pennisula Media.


This is the final webisode for the Web of Water trip. What a great three weeks, meeting amazing people and seeing hidden gems right here in our own state! Thanks to everyone working hard to get this "real time" production to happen including Ian Downie who helped as PA and the master, Chuck Heilig who helped with video editing. 


This video features John Rood and Ian in the Congaree National Park and Marc Epstein from the Santee Wildlife Refuge. 


The third webisode produced for broadcast in SC Middle School classrooms is posted to the and Web sites (here it is below also). This one features some great personalities Ian met in the mid-state - Cheif Louis Chavis of the Beaver Creek Tribe, Park Ranger Karen Kustafic, and Ian presenting to the 3rd grade class from Nursery Road Elementary at Saluda Shoals park. 

Webisode 2 - IN THE PIEDMONT

 We also spent the weekend with some great people in the upstate including Chief Louis Chavez of the Beaver Creek nation, Karen Kustafik a ranger with Columbia Parks & Recreation and Patrick Hayes from ETV.  The Chief provided some insightful context connecting the spiritual and practical role of water in the life of the American Indian. Karen was a delightful guide to the three rivers area of Columbia where the Broad and Saluda rivers meet to form the Congaree. Patrick also really helped with Saturday's shoot by helping with B-roll. We even had an improptu meeting with the geologist from Congaree National Park where we will be on Tuesday.


 The first of six Webisodes for the Web of Water Kayak adventure is online. Our partners at SCETV will be running PSA's on NPR this week to promote the trip by our local naturalist Ian Sanchez. The series is being viewed by Middle Schoolers across South Carolina as part of thier environmental education program.

Thanks to everyone workiing hard to get this real time production to happen including Ian Downie who helped as PA and our friend Chuck Heilig who did editing on this one. We will be posting these as they go up over the course of the trip.



A couple of short videos from the Lowcountry Revival event. I am in the choir of this great band led by the wonderful Cary Ann Hearst. Thanks to LLF for letting us be a part of this!

An impromptu jam with Cary Ann and members of the Second Line Jazz Funeral Band (really amazing!)

"Stay out of the chain stores" performance - a song from an old spiritual written in the 1930's by Rev. J.M Gates of Mount Calvary Church in Atlanta, GA. Re-discovered by Karalee Nielson and arranged by Cary Ann Heart. A really prescient and important song and a great linchpin to a night that included a second line jazz parade, a revival tent and a good ol' fashioned preachin' session.



skinful 2009 : episode 1 from OPP on Vimeo.

Ok, so it is not exactly agriculture, but we are always up for some fun. We had heard rumors of this party for years, but never actually got there to see it for ourselves. We want to thank Dr. Brian King for inviting us to be part of this highly useful hedonistic evening. I have really never seen a party quite like it and we are happy to be helping tell the story of this truly unique event- here in it's tenth year.